Twenty something. Stay hungry, stay foolish.


i still fit into a size 6… so there’s that. i guess.

“Loneliness smells like cinnamon and cherries cooking in a pot, I fancy a gentleman tipped his hat to me and offered me tea and his arm. I think I want a life in woolly sweaters, to cut birds out of apples and play chess on stormy nights, with the stars painted on the ceiling above us. I’d like to be taught to play the accordion, think how nice it would be in a house on rails, a train compartment in beige and red. Oh, I got lost inside my head again, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t.”

– Vera Vodak (via awelltraveledwoman)


I feel lucky to have such amazing girlfriends. Always a constant in my life.

Friends that stick by you for a lifetime no matter what.

I feel like that says something about a person. Friendship matters probably more than anything (other than family) in this life. The people that have known you at your worst and best throughout the years.

So thankful for these women. I love you all.

On to

Another, already? But someone not so new .. Per usual with you.

Always keeping one eye open 🌚

Get outta town

I can’t wait to not live in Massachusetts anymore. California I’m coming for you, full time.

It almost hurts my feelings and I almost want to care but that just seems really fucking dumb.